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We’re big fans of sharing stuff we love. Most of the time, that’s clothing – we have retail shops here in Atlanta, and a few other places – but music plays a pretty big role, too. And while we spin records in our stores, there’s something cool and communal about being live on the air, where everyone’s listening together. To paraphrase the inimitable Jonathan Richman, you don’t feel so alone with the radio on – you don’t feel so bad in the car – you’re in love with the radio on – it keeps you from being lonely late at night. He’s right!

In that spirit, we’ve started a vinyl-only radio show here on our favorite local radio station, Atlanta’s Voice of the Arts, AM 1690. We’ll spin everything from James Brown to Wire to Brian Eno to Odetta, every Wednesday night during drive time. So think about taking the long way home, and if we’re still going when you pull in… stay in the car.