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Hello, I am the Annita of Travel Bags with Annita. My wanderlust really started when I was a child, listening to my father talk about his time traveling in Europe and North Africa during WWII. The places he mentioned sounded exotic, fascinating and a little mysterious. His stories were filled with cultural intrigue and interesting people. Enough to make me dream of traveling to far away places – as soon as I could.  The latest National Geographic magazine was a staple on the coffee table in our home, and we traveled the globe through the pictures.

It only made sense that I would join Pan Am World Airways as a flight attendant and travel the world.  My love of travel, a keen interest in culture and my ease with meeting people made up for any possible “lost in translation” moments!  I always felt each trip was new and exciting. Through my 30 years of traveling around the world I have visited over 80 countries, met many amazing people and experienced fascinating cultures all over the globe. I continue today to explore new destinations and revisit many favorite spots. Always excited to return and share my experiences with everyone.  After Pan Am, working with the Atlanta Convention and Visitors gave me a once in a life time opportunity to work with the 1996 Olympics, the Super Bowl and World Series  – all held in our beautiful city of Atlanta.  While there I worked with people from many countries and cultures, and developed courses in cultural awareness and etiquette for over 2,000 volunteers working with the various sporting events.

Today, my experiences have lead me to host a radio show, Travel Bags with Annita & Friends is locally syndicated on several stations around the region. The show is broadcasted to listeners in the great Atlanta area, North Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina, and North Carolina.  I along with my co-host Doc Bill strive to provide great informational tips for our wonderful listeners. And, our Just Got Back travel blog shares recent trips, tips, trends and travel news.


A little bit about me:


Favorite place to relax or vacation: The Georgia coast is always calling my name. There is nothing like the sunrise on Nannygoat Beach on Sapelo Island watching the day come alive or as the locals say, “day clean.”

Must have for every trip: An extra oversized bag I can pack and take out when I need it. There are many options which fold into a tiny size, yet open into a huge bag! Love it!

Favorite music for a road trip: Something high energy and fast, so I can “seat dance” and sing!

Favorite food: Special meals prepared by Doc Bill

Travel tip: Gather all must have items (meds, passport, itinerary, any pre-purchased tickets) a day or two ahead and put them in your carry on. Being organized for your trip is so important and also helps you stay on time!

Packing tip: Plastic zip lock bags for anything that might leak, spill or stain.