The Skywatcher’s Notebook
with John Lemley

Weekdays at 5:20

John Lemley debuted as an astronomy radio host one afternoon during the summer of 1998 when he was looking for a way to spice-up weather forecasts during his daily classical music program on 90.1FM, WABE-Atlanta. He grabbed that day’s edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, scribbled down a few details about that night’s sunset, moonrise, visible stars and planets, then added the information to the beginning of his next weather forecast. When he skipped the stargazing report the next day, his phone lit up like…well…the night sky. Listeners were hooked after only one day. Thus, The Stargazer’s Journal was born.

In early 2015, John moved to Atlanta’s “Voice of the Arts,” AM1690 WMLB. His daily astronomical feature? Well, it moved with him, only with a name change. Today, The Skywatcher’s Notebook is heard every weekday at 5:20 p.m. during AM1690’s evening rush program, The Long Drive Home. Each Monday through Friday, The Skywatcher’s Notebook offers a balance of astronomy and space-science topics. About half of each month’s programs are related to skywatching: eclipses, meteor showers, planetary conjunctions, stars and constellations, and so on.
Other topics are related to important anniversaries (the birthdays of important astronomers or anniversaries of key scientific discoveries or space-exploration accomplishments); recent discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics, and physics; Earth’s place in the cosmos; and a variety of topics that may be related only peripherally to the core subject of astronomy, but that help place astronomy in a broader historical, scientific, and cultural perspective.

Join John Lemley every weekday at 5:20 p.m. for The Skywatcher’s Notebook on AM1690 WMLB. Until next time, here’s wishing you clear skies!