About the Station

AM 1690 strives to bring all the best of the art world to Atlanta radio. With an ever-growing library of music, ranging from old-timey music of the early twentieth century to the latest independent rock releases to folk songs of the 1960s to afrobeat tunes, AM 1690 has just about every musical genre, era, and taste covered. The station stands behind a belief that music holds an invaluable significance in our culture, and by blurring the boundaries set by traditional radio station labels, AM 1690 is able to expose the listener to a little bit of everything. Between the b-sides, essential classics, and under-the-radar gems, any given listen to “The Voice of the Arts” may uncover your new favorite song or provide engagement in a genre you never knew you loved.

Additionally, AM 1690 harmoniously mixes its diverse musical playlists with thought-provoking book, movie, and theater reviews and reflections, interviews with individuals from every background and with every passion, relevant news stories, and clever, creative skits. No day of programming is the same, promising a fresh, dynamic listening experience with every tune-in. Through its engaging array of musical, literary, and cultural programs, AM 1690 provides for its listeners a strong and much-needed “Voice of the Arts.”

…a little history…

JW Broadcasting owner Joe Weber began his project of giving Atlanta “The Voice of the Arts” in 1997 with 1190 AM, WGKA. Through being purchased and converted into a gospel station, and then trying out a different location at 1160 AM, “The Voice of the Arts” has found its home at AM 1690. The move up the dial allows for greater coverage of the Atlanta area, and embracing today’s technology provides even more opportunities to keep up with the station’s programming by downloading AM 1690’s iTunes app, following the station on Facebook and Twitter, and listening live online. Now more than ever, AM 1690 is the “Voice of the Arts” that folks in Atlanta and beyond tune in to for all that is relevant in arts and culture.