Blank Canvas

Weekdays 12noon – 4pm

Blank Canvas Radio comes to you everyday with a clear slate and an open mind.

The idea was to create a platform of radio improvisation. The eclectic library at AM1690 offers such a wide variety of music and audio of all kinds that Stephen Key wanted to find a way to bring it all to you. Mr. Key curates a playlist with a purpose: “When selecting music for the show it’s fun to try and tell a story. Many times I start with one song and try to continue the theme through out the musical block. I like to share my interest in songwriters (Doc Pomus) or Producers (Phil Spector) with the listeners. The great thing about AM1690 is the freedom to bring the listener a unique radio experience.”

Music is not all you will hear on Blank Canvas Radio. Mr. Key likes to play poetry readings, movie clips, field recordings, and let’s not forget a classic episode of Dragnet every Wednesday! Tune in every weekday from 12noon to 4pm for Blank Canvas Radio with Stephen Key!